Enzo Favata - Voyage en Sardaigne
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Enzo Favata - ritratto in bianco e nero Enzo (Vincenzo) Favata was born in Alghero on 17.11.1956 where he stil lives in via Spano 5
Musician by profession he studied classical Saxophone in the Conservatorio in Sassari.
He has 12 years of activity in the professional field of music as musician, researcher, artistic director and organiser.
His hobby is collecting wind instruments from all over the world.

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Instruments played

A saxophone player who specialises in soprano and sopranino sax but also in ethnic instruments from all over the world, especially from Sardinia (benas).
Favata utilises and interacts with acoustic instrumentsand electronic and computerised technology. He is an expert in live electronics (electronics for acoustic instruments in the live context).

Musical Genres
Contemporary classical
Contemporary minimalist
World Music
Electronic music


Television documentaries
Radio plays
Radio scores
Television scores
Multimedial installation
Computer art


1999 Atlantico
E. Favata
Self-produced for "il manifesto"

World Festival
of Sacred Music Europe

Various Artists
CCn'C Records
1998 Voyage en Sardaigne
E. Favata
label Robi Droli per "il manifesto"
1997 Anime Mediterranee
(International compilation – various artists)
Label: Olis

E. Favata Jana Project with Dino Saluzzi
label: Robi Droli
1996 Il cielo è sempre più blu
(Sound track)
E. Favata Jana Project
label: San Isidro
1995 Islà
E. Favata Jana Project
label: Robi Droli per CDG
1992 Jana
E. Favata Jana Project
label: Il ponte sonoro

Sonora 3
Various Artists
label: Maso - Materiali sonori
1991 Storie Musiche Canzoni
Various Artists
label: Virgin

Favata - Zurru

Le quattro stagioni
Favata - Zurru
1988 Tangos de la tardor
D.D. Band
Label LMJ

Enzo Favata is one of the most active and well-known Sardinian musicians in the Italian and international panorama. He plays the saxophone and sopranino sax other wind instruments, above all ethnic ones from Sardinia. His research joins the arcane and the modern, experimenting with different languages and musical cultures.

His activity started in 1993- after having played traditional jazz for some years he debutted with a new quartet participating in the Festival Jazz di S.Anna Arresi: this group and the music which was proposed were the seeds of the Jana Project a project which weds ethnic music Jana Project with jazz improvisation and ethnic music from other parts of the world. In the live context there is an interaction between acoustic instruments, sampling and harmonisers, ahead of its time in comparison to current musical trends. In a short period of time Indian percussion was added to the group and it participated in various festivals including Time Zones in Bari.

In 1992 the first album with his name was produced, Jana, that documents the visionary landscape of musical mixing between that which is Sardinian and that of other cultures. With the same formation he was invited to the European Jazz festival in Barcellona.

During the same period he developed another transversal project with the guitarist Marcello Peghin and the percussionist Roberto Pellegrini: Tangram Trio, an experimental group in the field of contemporary jazz and vanguard music, halfway between minimalism, noise music and underground; Favata played with this group in the Jazz Festival of Tokyo in 1992 and in that of Berlin in 1993. In 1995 this group won a European competition in Poitiers as best improvising group.

Alongside the concert experience was that of musical production for soundtracks working with RAI, radio and television, dance and theatre.

At the start of 1993 he debutted as the composer of soundtracks for cinema, putting his name to the music of a German film set in Sardinia “With love ….Fabia” by the Italian director Maria Teresa Camoglio, produced by Shram Film of Berlin. The experience was repeated in 1995 with the film by the director Antonello Grimaldi “The sky is ever bluer” presented in 1997 at10 international film festivals including that of Berlin. This soundtrack is available on CD on the label San Isidro

1995 marks the start of the collaboration with the label Robi Droli with which Islà is issued – this work was recorded together with the guitarist Marcello Peghin, the tablista Federico Sanesi and Riccardo Tesi was on the diatonic . The disc received optimum reviews from the critics and in this phase E.F. abbandoned electronic music for the pure sounds of acoustic instruments. Islà determined and defined the current stylistic character of E.F’s work which is totally inspired by the voyage.

1997 saw an important collaboration with a master of the Argentine bandoneon, Dino Saluzzi. This collaboration was recorded on the Cd Ajò which was incided with an acoustic quintet. Its music crosses memories of emigration between Sardinia and Argentina. This work was applauded by both the critics and the public, the French magazine Jazz Man awarded it four F’s placing it within the best 29 CD’s of the month of October. This recognition was followed in the autumn of the same year by a series of concerts throughout Italy. At the end of the year news arrived that the disc had been placed in the best 150 discs of 1997 according to the World Music Charts Europe (that connects all the radio stations and programmes that are specialised in World Music). Only one Italian disc followed it in the charts (Anime Salve by De Andrè). The collaboration with Saluzzi is currently continuing with a series of concerts.

Voyage in Sardaigne was issued in 1998 for the label of the national newspaper “Il Manifesto”. This was the first disc that E. Favata dedicated entirely to Sardinia: within this work the saxophone player involves and lets his music be interpreted by 32 musicians, amongst which the most important players of Sardinian folk music. This disc became and unexpected sales success, with c. 15,000 copies sold.

Voyage en Sardaigne debutted as a show in the same year at the Festival of the Mediterranean Song at Palma di Mallorca, and then arrived in autumn at the prestigious Salon of Music in Turin, and the Book Show in Frankfurt and a concert at the Lyrical Theatre of Cagliari.

The discographic work of Enzo Favata has been distributed in Europe, the United States and Japan.